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Sold. Tv, Dvd & Media Production Business

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Trading hours:
Business Hours: The Business currently operates normal office hours on Monday to Friday
Employees / staffing:
The most important resource of any business is its people and this is reflected in the fact that the production manager has been with the Business long term. At present the two directors of the parent company do not work full time within the business, and leave it to the Production Manager. One of the directors does the books. The Business also has a team of freelance specialists (e.g cameramen, sound engineers etc) who it calls upon as and when required.

Reason for selling:
Reason for Sale: The parent company has decided that a full time production studio is surplus to its requirements and it no longer has the time or capacity to procure business from outside clients. The owners will provide full business familiarisation, training and handover and are offering the business for sale not only as an organically expanding going concern but also with further significant growth potential.
Support and training:
Support and Training: The current owners would be happy to provide full training and support at handover.
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Asking price includes:
Contracted income of £32,000pa.
Equipment value c£35,756
Market leading reputation
Leading edge production, editing, creative capabilities
Excellent opportunity to grow
Highly experienced film editor
Trusted and respected name
Training and handover
Excellent premises
Business website

Business Profile:

The sale of this business presents a rare opportunity to acquire an extremely well organised and highly successful business, which has the added benefit of being able to take advantage of the shifts and trends within the industry that would enable this business to grow exponentially.

This Business offers a scope of works that has seen it establish a second to none reputation within the industry.

It is the production facility of a successful on-line education business and no longer forms part of the parent company’s core services.

However the parent company still wishes to use the production facility and is offering the new owner a long term contract guaranteeing two days per week at a price of £32,000 per year

The Business promises to deliver the highest quality products and service, priding itself on offering clients creative solutions and inspiration for their projects, be it a movie, DVD, educational training, international media, or a 30-second commercial. A comprehensive streaming facility enables clients to have immediate access to their projects, whether UK or international based.

The Technology:

• Studios- well equipped studios offer the perfect climate for clients to view their projects consisting of:

Prokit LED Lights
CVP.Com Black Magic Switcher
CVP.Com Black Magic Connecter
Jigsaw Sennheiser 418 Microphone
Jigsaw Appolo Twin
Jigsaw Audio Booth Equipment
Kube Studio Booth/ Voiceover Equipment
Dell Alien Wear Computer
2 Autocues
5 Monitors
Green Screen
Hard Drive
Vision Mixer + 3 Cameras
Lights - King

Computer Alien Wear
Camera CB1530


Creative projects have been successfully carried out for household names, both nationally and internationally. However the studios have been principally used to do he educational video work for the parent company.


The administration has been undertaken by the parent company and has not been treated as a separate profit centre.

Key Strengths:

The core strengths of this Business are its adaptability and its reliability to deliver on time every time. Projects commissioned are always within budget. Its reputation for employing excellent creative and technical staff is well established.

• Early adopter of technology, continue to be leading edge
• High value range of equipment available to work on projects
• Cost effective solutions
• Versatility
• Very well established business providing high customer service levels
• High level of self sufficiency, giving competitive pricing and fast turnaround
• Outstanding premises with offices and studios
• Enviable customer base
• Excellent operating margins
• Excellent staff with in-depth knowledge of products and services offered
• Superior quality products
• Clients provided with complete service
• Delivery of flexible, first class service
• Excellent reputation for quality, technical knowledge and service
• Professional service
• Flexible business
• Industry knowledge
• Strong profit growth
• Excellent reputation for integrity and quality workmanship
• In depth knowledge of business
• Recognized leader in the field
• Individual attention to the clients’ requirements

Key Opportunities:

The Business is ideally poised to take advantage of the current golden era of television production and on-line video, including:

• Expanding media
• TV Channels
• Scope to increase market and also focus on multinational clients
• Opportunity to further growth within international markets and room to expand a well known existing business
• Excellent opportunity to market the business further

Expansion Potential
Growth and Expansion:

The opportunities for the expansion and growth of this Business are so far reaching that only a face-to-face meeting with the owner would do justice to the true potential of this business. In saying that, a more proactive approach to sales would certainly benefit the business.

Market / Competition / Non-Competition Agreements
To date the parent company has been the majority client of the Business A high proportion of the business' revenue has been due to its excellent reputation for quality of service and strong word of mouth recommendation. A high profile interactive website which has recently been updated offers a complete descriptive and visual image of the services and possibilities available.